Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CNY moments

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve,,
and I won't celebrate it with my family (again) :(
It's sad that I can't go back hometown,,
I always love Chinese New Year because I will meet the whole family,,
But since I went study to Malaysia, I can't go back to Jakarta if it's not long holiday..

I miss a lot of things in Chinese New Year,,
I miss my grandma's cooks,,
The cookies..
The candies..
take picts with the whole family,,
Go to many houses,,
and of course what I miss the most is,,
because I like when I got a lot of angpau..hehe

I wish I can celebrate CNY with my family again :(

The grandchilds
Grandma (the red one) and her siblings

I wanna go back hometown!!! :'(

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"OMG!Tomorrow is kitchen class!"

"This Friday submit the essay!"

"What should I write in my TIS form?"

"We will have mid term test after Chinese New Year"

"I haven't done all my assignments"

"Aaarrghh I'm so stress!!"

I wish there is 36 hours in one day
Could you make it happened?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resolution 2011

Maybe it's too late
but better be late than never right?? :)

My resolutions for 2011 :

1. Earn a lot of money

2. Pass all of the exams at univ

3. Improve my marks at the final test

4. Keep awake in the class

5. Be more patience

6. Think more positive

7. No more laziness!!

8. Be more frugal

9. Enjoy the life (no stress!)

10. Be more diligent

Last but not least

11. Have a boyfriend Xp


I'm sorry all..
i didn't update my blog for almost 2 months :P
I will start updating my blog again from now on

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Teacher's Day!!

Eventhough I was a naughty student for you,,
But in my heart,you will always be my heroes..
You shared your knowledge to us,your students,,
You were never angry when we didn't listen to you at the class,,
You always helped us when we were confused with the assignments..
Thank you for all of that,,
Thank you sooo much,,


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday on Thursday

I just had dinner with my friend, Angelica..
We went to Sunway Pyramid,,
I asked her what she wanted to eat..
Then she said TGI Friday,,

When the host gave us the menu,,
We took long time to decide our food :P
Because the price I can say it's expensive for student,,
Then after 30 minutes we saw the menu,,
We called the waiter,,,

Angelica ordered Jack Daniel's Burger..
I ordered Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta..
Angelica's burger was so damn nice!!!!
All of you have to try it..
My food was nice,,
But the taste was not that special..

We talked there,,
Laughed together,,
Even though Angelica was sick :)
After that we went to Jusco,,
Then I accompanied her to buy pillow,bolster and hanger..

Today was nice..
really nice :)
I could have dinner with my friend,,
Some more at the mall and on weekday,,
Thanks God for today :D

Hai Friday on Thursday

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lights in my life

Maria Bramanwidyantari

Marsha Herryanna

Theresia Shinta

"My friends are my estate."
- Emily Dickinson -

No one can replace you from my heart

Your bestfriend :)